How to get started planting corn

The preparation and planning of how to get started planting corn is the most critical part on how to start corn planting, the most essential on doing corn farming is the preparation of the land ,and the timing of applying the essential nutrient or the fertilizer after sowing it. Depending on the season and the climate of the place where you are going to plant corn, based on what I do the first time I did it was remarkably great for the result of averaging of 85% of harvest per acre.
Land preparation is about clearing of the land where in all the growing small trees and grasses and other annual weeds are being eradicated, it is a must to free from any weeds. But then when the area was a coconut plantation it required the coconut height must be more than 30 to 40 feet and had a distance of 5 meters far from each tree. That can pass thru it the tractor in between another for plowing process and soil preparation.
After it was being done and cleared out of any trees grasses and weeds that may hinder from the growing corn in the first stage of their growth, the land was freed for a month or about a week to surely shown of negative present of weeds. Then the choice of first fertilizer to be applied for basal fertilization.
Then followed by preparation for sowing corn seed, for local corn farming in the Philippines manual planting of corn seed are being used by farmers. Like what I have done, They used animal with plowing metal connecting with rope. For about an acre of land need two animal with a farmer guiding them, and a three labor or person dropping seed every after the animal sown the land. These method was the method I used here in the Philippines.
And Now the most critical part of planting corn was the application and timing of applying fertilizer according to the needs of the corn, so it is a must to know what was the corn lacking of by looking at the leaf shown after it was being planted. Depending on the seasons and how you prepared the land before it was being planted the corn mortality was being graded.
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Just a Try

That was so closed to not doing what I really aim to do, just a try doing right now what really makes me believe that I can, just a try. And let me do Now what I am long for to do that waited so long and just now realized and put into a little real I can say. Is not easy to have guts to do things and have started right a way. So be it and Just a try.